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Why choose Luxy Lashes & Skin?

At Luxy Lashes & Skin, located in Houston, Texas, we specialize in Extensions and Skin Care. We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled service while offering products of the highest quality. Cleanliness and sanitation is our top priority! Linens are changed out and we sanitize our implements before we start on any new client. All technicians are under strict orders to sanitize their hands before touching clients as well. Luxy also offers later hours because we understand your busy schedule. We are also open after hours upon availability and request, $40/hr additional.

LASHES. Made from the finest quality and not the same as other Minks, our best selling Velvet Minks are manufactured in South Korea. They are softer, more flexible, and lighter in weight compared to other products and actually feel like velvet. Four different type of lashes available in the lobby for you to feel the difference!

LASH ADHESIVES. No cutting corners here! We only use medical grade adhesive, the most sterile on the market, that are produced in a FDA-certified facility in the US. Not a lot of spas can say that. Versus the traditional liquid adhesive, our adhesive is a gel-type that creates a seamless application and provides client more flexibility. It also contains no formaldehyde. Your lashes will never sound crunchy and have black flakes fall off when brushing, just nice and smooth. If you have sensitive eyes, no worries! We got you covered with medical grade adhesive that is fume-free including silicone eye patches to further prevent any irritation.

Our Techs

Our highly ranked and experienced staff follow precise guidelines to bring you a safer and pampering service. All our technicians are licensed and have 1+ year/s of continuous experience.

Our Spa

Soothing music, dimmed lights and a soft plush bed all in your own private room create a tranquil ambiance for that short "getaway" feeling. Linens are changed after each client to reassure a deeper relaxation. You may never want to leave.

Our Products

Popularized in South Korea, Luxy carries only the highest quality, ultra premium and luxurious daily regimen facial brands. Our lashes are also top notch!

Our Promise

Should you incur any issues within 72 hours from your last appointment, let us know and we will address it for free. *Must have received a new set prior from Luxy Lashes & Skin. Not applicable on transfers.

Our Business Hours

Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 8:00pm


9:00 am - 6:00pm



After Hours

Luxy Lashes & Skin now works after hours upon request and availability! $40 an hour additional.

Contact Information


Luxy Lashes & Skin
5885 San Felipe St., Suite 475 Houston, Texas 77057
Phone: 713.300.2800

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